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We tried out the Elan 45.1 Impression

We tried out the Elan 45.1 Impression

Why to try it?

Specifically, we had an Elan 45.1 Impression named Galina from the charter company Aquatorria Yachting. Most of the crew agreed that it was one of the best ships they had ever sailed aboard. So why all the praise?

Driving characteristics

The boat holds perfectly on the water, even at a greater tilt. It manoeuvres well and is generally easy to control.

Sails and rigging 

The rigging is worked out to the smallest detail and it can be seen that it was put together honestly. We were very pleased with the half-batten mainsail, which served well in lower winds and worked well trimming.


The shower is very spacious and the water tank is huge. Therefore, showering on this boat is pretty similar to showering at home, which won’t just be appreciated by the female members of the crew. 


The main panel is clear and understandable. There is also a cabin with bunk beds on the boat. We tested it out and two tall adult males can slept comfortably in it.

Charter company

Check-in was perfectly prepared, no hassle or last minute searching for anything. The charter company provided us with all the necessary information and we also used the contact number, where they were happy to advise us.

Who is it suitable for?

This boat will be appreciated by those who are looking for great sailing characteristics and comfort. So if you want superb sailing without compromising on comfort or equipment, we highly recommend it.

We shot this beauty for you out on the water:

I sailed on Elan 45.1 Impression. Give me a call and we can discuss it.