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Make your dreams come true. Take full advantage of First Minute and set sail twice in 2019

Make your dreams come true. Take full advantage of First Minute and set sail twice in 2019

Are you still reminiscing over this year’s amazing yachting trip? Now is the perfect time to plan new adventures. First Minute offers up the widest range of boats with discounts of up to 40 %. We’ll show you how to get even more discounts and provide tips on how to make the most of it even when yachting twice.
The ideal time to plan a summer yachting holiday is here. Are you wondering how to combine a passion for yachting with your other plans? Check out our tips. You’ll see that you don’t have to give up on your dream of adrenaline sports, white beaches or even family holidays. Thanks to the attractive conditions of First Minute, you can set sail twice and maybe even find time for a boat party.

5 reasons to book First Minute

Pay a low deposit of just 15 %

Choose the boat now and you’ll only have to pay 15 % of the deposit. We’ll take care of the rest and you can get on with the important task of looking forward to your voyage.

Get a First Minute discount and save money

When booking your yacht early, you can get an attractive discount of up to 40 %.  Plus, as a bonus from us, you get a further 5 % discount on any additional boat if you book them at the same time. You’ll get a discount for both boats and still just pay a low deposit of 15 %. This should get you in the mood for a yachting adventure.

No need to limit your choice

Set sail next season wherever you want and whenever suits you best. Boats for 2019 are still waiting to be snapped up. You’ll get first choice on your favourite boat, destination or port. The selection of the most modern and beautiful yachts is at its widest and they can’t be found in Last Minute.

Get a brand new boat

Choosing First Minute brings many perks and can land you brand new yachts and catamarans. They tend to be booked up early on, so choosing late may lead to disappointment in the summer.

Have plenty of time to arrange things with the crew

It’s much easier to find dates that suit you all when it’s booked well in advance. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to motivate and inspire family and friends for the voyage ahead.
Swimming while sailing on a boat

6 surefire tips you’ll love

There really is no need to compromise. Spend enjoyable holidays with family and friends on board and take home unforgettable experiences.

Sailing with kids and family

Bringing kids along with you is not a problem at all. But how can you make it a success and garner the enthusiasm of the whole family for yachting? Choose a destination and dates which provide stable weather conditions and a calm warm sea. On family voyages you’ll also appreciate shorter distances between islands and bays. More than just yachting, a family cruise is an opportunity to relax, sunbathe, play, swim and snorkel!

Sports sailing for those up for a challenge and adventure

Test your limits, grab a bunch of friends and set off in search of adrenaline. To take full advantage of the wind and big waves, try the adventure of night sailing and take a particular look at Greece and the Cyclades. This is the domain of experienced sailors, especially in summer when the infamous Meltemi winds blow. For some yachtsmen, they are the most beautiful and wildest of the Mediterranean islands.

Refresh your skills

Do you need to brush up on your yachting skills? Take a refresher cruise with one of our skippers. Practice harbour manoeuvres, trimming the sails, navigation in the day and at night or sailing under poor weather conditions. You’ll be fully prepared to go it alone worry-free on your next voyage.

Enjoy, dance and relax

Hot sun, wickedly good sangria and Spanish nightlife that ends at dawn - the famous party island of Ibiza has it all. When you get sick of the non-stop partying on the southern and eastern part of the island, just head up to the north coast to relax.There you can enjoy untouched beaches and tranquility.
Tensioning the sail while sailing on a boat 
Find inspiration for amazing voyages in our news section, where you can also browse the detailed descriptions of individual yachting destinations. First Minute boats get snapped up early, so there’s no time to waste.
Hesitating? Let us know how you imagine your dream yachting vacation and we’ll plan it together!