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How do we deal with damage to the yacht?

How do we deal with damage to the yacht?

Accidents at sea happen. However you can make huge savings, depending on how they are resolved. This is best illustrated by two specific stories documented through photos.

Do you want to spend your holiday at sea without fear of losing your deposit of thousands of euros? Not sure whether to take out deposit insurance at all? Do you realise that most insurance doesn’t even cover the most common types of damage? We can exclusively recommend you one that does! Let’s take a look at two yachting incidents, both of which ended happily with no loss of deposit.

Yachting accidents with a happy ending

The following stories are the real stories of our clients who encountered an unpleasant situation on their voyage. When the incident occurred, they contacted us because they were insured at yachting.com. They documented the damage, we and the client communicated and our client then just waited for the money to come through.  

Loose night anchor

In Croatia, near the island of Vis, there was a strong wind that night. The yachtswoman had already anchored in total darkness. Due to poor visibility, she hadn't noticed that the bottom of the bay was grassy. She underestimated the length of the dropped anchor chain and later that night, the anchor came loose. The boat shifted uncontrollably a few metres, and the rudder hit a rock near the shore.

Abrade rudderAbrade rudder 

How did we resolve the incident?

  • Deposit amount: 1 500 EUR
  • Actual damage: 13 350 Kč
  • Deductible: 3 000 Kč
  • Pay out: 10 350 Kč
  • Incident date: 3.6.2017
  • Payout date: 10.6.2017

Rudder destroyed in shallow waters

A less experienced skipper arrived at a Greek port. He was about to dock and was maneuvering. When reversing, however, he misjudged the depth of the sea and the rudder scraped the bottom several times. The rudder was severely damaged.

Rudder destroyed

How did we resolve the incident?

  • Deposit amount: 2 500 EUR
  • Actual damage: 26 537 Kč
  • Deductible: 5 000 Kč
  • Payout: 21 537 Kč
  • Incident date: 30.9.2017
  • Payout date: 7.10.2017

Rudder destroyed

Rudder destroyed

How does our deposit insurance differ from the competition? 

  • Broadest coverage. The insurance covers all the most common and frequent damage to a vessel, which most other insurance policies don’t do - damage to the sails, outboard motor and dinghy.
  • You save. Our price is unrivaled and our long-term clients get very attractive discounts.
  • We’ll take care of you. We usually settle the claim ourselves.
  • Quick and easy to arrange.


The deposit insurance from yachting°com was formed in close cooperation with the highly-experienced yachtsman Jiří Zindulka. He came up with it to help fellow yachters. Whether it is a bad maneuver in a marina, a miscalculation when passing through a strait or a strong wind that can cause a rock strike or abrasions, we can sort it out. All claims made by our clients were resolved and the money was paid out.