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First Minute, packed full of exclusive discounts, is just getting started! Enjoy sailing in summer 2020

First Minute, packed full of exclusive discounts, is just getting started! Enjoy sailing in summer 2020

Now is the perfect time to plan a new adventure. First Minute offers the widest range of boats available with discounts of up to 50%. And  we are offering this all with a down payment of just 15%. Read on to find out about more discounts and tips on how you can enjoy your sailing holiday in summer 2020 to the fullest.
The perfect time to plan your summer sailing holiday is here. First Minute offers a number of advantages and we’ve even added some tips on how to enjoy your holiday and where to sail in summer 2020.

5 reasons to take advantage of First Minute in summer 2020

Thanks to the attractive conditions of First Minute, you can enjoy summer 2020 to the fullest and discover new places along the way. Will you choose an adrenaline-filled adventure, white sandy beaches, a family holiday or a proper sailing party?
  • ​​​​Low down payment of just 15%

  • Save up to 50% with First Minute deals 

  • Get an additional discount of 2% when paying for the entire boat 

  • Choosing first means you don’t have to compromise

  • Get a brand new boat

One of the most interesting benefits of First Minute at yachting°com is the discounted down payment. Just choose a boat and pay a deposit of only 15%. The rest can be paid later in two installments. We’ll take care of the rest, leaving you to enjoy your voyage in peace.

In addition to this, when booking early, you’ll get an attractive discount of up to 50%. That may even motivate you to spend every holiday on board a yacht. Plus, if you pay for the whole boat right away, we'll add a further 2% discount.

Choosing First Minute brings a lot of benefits as well as brand new yachts and catamarans  

Set sail next season wherever you like and on a schedule that suits you the best. By choosing early, you can easily find and book your favourite boat, choose from any destination and even any port. The offer of the newest and most beautiful boats is at its widest which you definitely won’t find in Last Minute.

In advance, you can easily find dates that suit you all and take advantage of a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire your friends and family to sail.
Set sail next season wherever and whenever you like.

What should you try out in summer 2020?

In 2020, try to discover more and break free of your routine. Here are a few tips you should definitely try out:
  • Working remotely from a boat

Don’t have much vacation time? With working remotely becoming ever more popular in the modern world, this is definitely no longer a problem. Sail in the morning and do some work in the afternoon. If you go alone, you’ll concentrate much better in the open sea and the fresh air will bring fresh ideas. 
Have you tried working from a boat?
  • Invite your parents yachting

Fulfill your parents' dream. When they were young, yachting was not nearly as accessible and any desire to be on the ocean would have been long forgotten. Experience their joy during the voyage which will definitely be infectious.   
Fulfill your parents
  • Discover the forgotten islands of Croatia

You may think you know Croatia like the back of your hand, but there are hundreds of islands still waiting to be discovered. Or try a fresh plan by cruising to shipwrecks or majestic lighthouses.
Naplánujte si neotřelou plavbu s objevováním
  • Sail along white beaches whilst remaining in Europe

The Balearic Islands will delight with their breathtaking natural scenery, beautiful harbors and deserted beaches. Be sure to stop by the utterly charming Menorca. This rugged island is true paradise, offering numerous virgin bays and beaches. Most beaches are unspoilt and accessible only from the sea. In the north you’ll discover beaches varying from golden to red with the southern coast being lined with white sandy Caribbean-like beaches.
The island boasts natural diversity, giving you many endemic species to delight at. Besides the beaches and impressive nature, Menorca has cities with many an interesting story to tell of their fascinating past. A visit to Ciutadella and Mahón is really worth it.
Most of the beaches in Menorca are unspoilt and accessible only by sea
  • Yachting with children 

Children belong on board a boat and there is really no need to worry at all. How can you guarantee success and enthusiasm for sailing for the whole family? Choose a place or date when the weather is stable and the sea is calm and warm. We definitely recommend Croatia, where you’ll welcome short distances between islands and bays. Because family cruises are not just about sailing, they are about relaxing, sunbathing, playing, swimming and snorkelling!
Plachtění s dětmi je plné zážitků a dobrodružství
Find some inspiration for beautiful cruises in our Magazine where you can also explore the detailed description of each yachting destination. Boats usually go quickly in First Minute, so grab them while you can.
Still hesitating? Tell us how you imagine your dream yachting vacation and we'll plan it together!